Reparations in Action

White Lies Shattered - Episode 3: The Hideous Lie that “Africans Sold Themselves into Slavery”

March 5, 2021
On Episode 3 of "White Lies Shattered," co-hosts Jamie Simpson and Jesse Nevel use the political theory and historical analysis of African Internationalism to expose and destroy the white nationalist lie that "Africans sold themselves into slavery," a foul and slanderous lie propagated by imperialism to blame African people for their own oppression and attempt to discredit the righteous struggle for reparations and African liberation.

This episode of "White Lies Shattered," refutes this slanderous fabrication with historical research from the Overturning the Culture of Violence Project coordinated by Penny Hess, Chair of the African People's Solidarity Committee.  Learn the truth about the African response to slavery and colonialism: Fierce, unrelenting resistance from day one, and continuing to this very day. 

If you want to know who benefited from slavery, all you have to do is "Follow the money." Listen to episode 3 to go deeper.