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Hands Off Uhuru! Interview with Akilé Anai on the FBI Raids


On this episode of the Reparations in Action / White Lies Shattered radio show and podcast, host Jamie Simpson interviews Akilé Anai of the African People's Socialist Party about the vicious July 29th FBI attacks on the Uhuru Movement.

Calling on the white community: oppose counterinsurgency; stand in solidarity with the Black Liberation Movement facing the most severe government repression since the 1960s and COINTELPRO.

The struggle for reparations in St. Pete, FL continues!

Today, at 3pm ET on Black Power 96. check out a new episode of Reparations in Action that features the Director of the Department of Agitation and Propaganda for the African People's Socialist Party (APSP), Akile Anai, National Director of Organization for the APSP, Chimurenga Selembao and Uhuru Solidarity Movement Chair Jesse Nevel providing updates on the continuing struggle to win reparations for African people in St Petersburg, FL by returning all 86 acres of the Tropicana Field baseball stadium. The city of St Petersburg destroyed the once vibrant black community known as the Gas Plant District to build the sports arena in the 1980's. As the first African mayor of St Petersburg begins his term, will this mean reparations for the colonized African working class? How can the struggle for reparations help alleviate the desperate rent hike and housing crisis in St Petersburg and win rent control in the city? What is the role of white people in this struggle? Don't miss this report from the front lines of the struggle against gentrification (aka colonial genocide) under the leadership of the African Revolution.


LIVE Episode of ”White Lies Shattered” TODAY

African People's Socialist Party Agit-Prop Director Akilé Anai invites you to tune in to today's live episode of "White Lies Shattered," a fundraiser for Black Power 96.3FM 



Reproductive Justice through Reparations

Tune in to a new episode of White Lies Shattered at 3pm ET today! In this episode, Penny Hess and Jamie Simpson sum up and provide an African Internationalist analysis of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe V Wade.

Hear the response from the African National Women's Organization and the plan for an anti-colonial fight back against this latest form of colonial oppression. Find the episode on @blackpower96fm or wherever you listen to podcasts.



Part 2: France and the US Fattened off Haiti’s Suffering for 200 years

Did you know that France forced Haiti to pay billions in so-called reparations to their former slave masters?

Don't miss African People's Solidarity Committee Chairwoman Penny Hess and White Lies Shattered host Jamie Simpson continue to sum up the recent New York Times Article, "The Ransom" which lays out the colonial plunder of Haiti carried out by France and the US.

In part 2 of this episode, Hess and Simpson reveal that it is the uneasy equilibrium between colonialism and the African Revolution that has forced the colonial media to expose the plunder of Haiti. This episode also addresses the fact that the parasitic relationship between France and African people in Haiti is not unique. It is part of a colonial mode of production, a global system of colonial capitalism which requires extreme poverty and oppression for African and other colonized people in order to prop up the wealth of Europe and white people.



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France and US fattened off Haiti’s suffering for 200 years

Penny Hess and Jamie Simpson sum up the recent NY Times article, " The Ransom: The root of Haiti's suffering: reparations to enslavers," about the colonial plunder France and the US inflicted on Africans in Haiti as retribution for the world's first successful workers' revolution.



The Truth About ”Progressive” Minneapolis: Police Terror, Colonialism, African Resistance

Tune into a new episode of White Lies Shattered FM radio show and podcast. This edition features Uhuru Solidarity Movement Chair Jesse Nevel and USM organizer,  Leah Fifield destroying the lie that Minneapolis, MN is a progressive city.
Two years after the murder of George Floyd the colonial oppression of African and Indigenous peoples continues unabated.
The Twin Cities contain two realities: one of prosperity for white people on the one hand and enforced poverty, police terror, and genocide for African people and Indigenous people on the other.


UN Forced to Admit Climate Change is Related to Colonialism: Uhuru Solidarity Responds

Penny Hess and Jesse Nevel sum up that the struggle against climate change is a struggle against colonialism.

Highlights from Uhuru Solidarity National Reparations Conference

RIA-Ep25-graphic.jpgToday, at 3pm ET on Black Power 96 fm radio and wherever podcasts are found, check out a new episode of Reparations in Action featuring presentations from the historic 2022 National Convention of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement titled, "Unity Through Reparations; Reparations Through Organization" including Uhuru Movement founder and leader, Chairman Omali Yeshitela, African People's Solidarity Committee Chairwoman, Penny Hess and Uhuru Solidarity Movement Chair, Jesse Nevel as well as clips from the Rally for Reparations at the Gateway Arch in St Louis.

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