Reparations in Action

September 8, 2020 - Interview with Ticharwa Masimba on the Black Power Blueprint

October 26, 2020

On today's episode we interview Ticharwa Masimba, a member of the African People’s Socialist Party as well as the Economic Development Director of the Black Power Blueprint project in St Louis. The Black Power Blueprint was initiated by the Uhuru Movement in the wake of the murder of Mike Brown on August 9th, 2014 and the subsequent African uprisings.

Chairman Omali Yeshitela traveled to Ferguson to build the movement there and later Deputy Chair Ona Zene Yeshitela spent over a year in Ferguson leading up the visionary Black Power Blueprint project which has created an Uhuru House community center, outdoor venue space and marketplace, community garden, housing, and so much more, in the context of a struggle to advance the political and economic power in the hands of the African working class. 

Ticharwa Masimba plays a key role in that work.