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September 22, 2020 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Reconsidered

October 26, 2020

On Friday of last week news broke of the passing of 87-year-old supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Though tributes to Ginsburg’s supposed legacy as a champion of women’s rights have flooded news stations and social media feeds, other commentators from the African and Indigenous communities have pointed out that Ginsburg’s record as a supreme court justice holds a different meaning for the colonized and oppressed than it does for the women of the white oppressor nation population.

Joining us to sum up the life and death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Amanda Carlozzi, a member of the African People’s Solidarity Committee and the Vice-Chair of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. 

Also joining us is Jesse Nevel, our engineer and co-host, Chair of Uhuru Solidarity.